About the Committee:

The Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP) established the SSCP Diversity Committee in April 2014. One impetus for establishing this committee was the results of a survey of SSCP members that revealed the disparity between our Society’s value of diversity and the actual representation of diverse groups among our membership. This uncomfortable discrepancy between preaching and practice exists across the field of Clinical Science.

To work towards a future SSCP that embodies and promotes a more diverse clinical science community, the SSCP Diversity Committee has been tasked with two goals:

1) To support and increase the diversity of SSCP membership, and 

2) To further the mission of clinical psychological science as it applies to diversity issues.

A fundamental guiding principle of the Diversity Committee is facilitation of impactful change on the topic of diversity in our clinical science community. In service of our goals, we are committed to leading and supporting initiatives and activities that have measureable outcomes and go beyond merely increasing awareness. 


SSCP Diversity Committee Members

Founding Members of the Diversity Committee:

David H. Rosmarin, McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School (Chair, Founding Member)

Len Simms, University at Buffalo, State University of New York (Representative to SSCP board)

Joye Anestis, University of Southern Mississippi (Founding Member)

Joseph P. Gone, University of Michigan (Founding Member)

Adam Bryant Miller, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Founding Member)

Sarah I. Tarbox, Yale University School of Medicine (Founding Member)

Chardeé A. Galán, University of Pittsburgh (Student Member)

Yesel Yoon, University of Massachusetts Amherst (Founding Student Member)

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