SSCP Mentoring Impact Award

 The winner of this award will be a clinical scientist from the ranks of members of SSCP in good standing who has made a unique and significant impact in the area of mentoring. The award is distinct from the Lawrence H. Cohen Outstanding Mentor Award in that it may be awarded to a clinical scientist at any stage of their career, and in that the mentoring achievement is not meant to represent a career/lifetime achievement. Mentoring impact may be reflected numerous ways including, but not limited to leadership, role modeling, advising, supervision, instruction, advocacy, and other activities aimed at providing opportunities for scientific growth, professional development, and networking.

Nominees will be evaluated on these criteria, as well as the accomplishments of their current and former students, interns and/or postdoctoral fellows in terms of awards, grants, publications, presentations, and positions attained upon completion of their training, etc. However, these criteria will be weighed in the context of the mentor nominee’s career stage. Strong consideration will be given to the statements of nominees’ current and former students, interns, and/or postdoctoral fellows about their mentor’s qualitative and specific impact on their professional training and development. Members of all underrepresented and minority groups are encouraged to apply.

Appropriate nominators are current or past trainees of the mentor. Fellow colleagues may nominate a mentor as well, if they have sufficient knowledge of the mentoring practices of the nominee.

Nominators should submit applications by email to the current SSCP president as a single document (e.g., a single PDF file).

For 2023, please submit nominations to Susan White:

Applications should include: (a) a cover letter nominating a particular individual for the award; (b) a statement of the reasons why the nominee is considered to have made a unique and significant impact, consistent with the definition and criteria provided above; (c) a list of present and past students, interns, and/or postdoctoral fellows and their current positions; and (d) a minimum of three letters from these former mentees in support of the application (two if the nominator is a former mentee).

Application packages should be received no later than March 15.

The winner will be announced the following month, and Award winners will be recognized at either APS, APA, or ABCT (the awardee’s choice).  

Please consider nominating yourself or your mentor for this important award. People who are ineligible for consideration are current Board members and those who have won this award previously.